Clara, underwear for modern woman

The Italian brand for functional and elegant corsetry of quality.

For over 60 years Clara has been producing corsetry for women who every day expect quality but a fully functional garment, combining these requirements with maximum comfort and the perennial elegance of the classic, but always in fashion.

The creation of each garment is studied in detail from the first phase of the production chain to the last, selecting the best materials and fabrics to arrive at the finished product through attentive and precise craftsmanship.

Our passion and our undisputed competence in the field push us more and more each day to perfecting our creations, at the same time succeeding in expressing the femininity of each woman.

CLARA’s strong points


CLARA offers a wide range of bras, bodysuits, briefs and girdles, for all situations, needs, tastes and ages, because each woman is different, as unique as her curves. From the young girl to the mature lady, each woman can find her ideal garment making her feel beautiful and elegant in her generous curves.


CLARA produces, exclusively in Italy, underwear of a superior standard with regards to quality, ecology and ethics. The love for detail, delicate fabrics and outstanding manufacture is a constant of all the products in our collections. Articles produced to be worn all the time and to maintain their beauty forever.


CLARA, thanks to the careful management of resources, the constant improvement of its equipment and the energy of its collaborators, manages to maintain affordable prices without damaging the quality of its products… proving itself to be, year in year out, an innovative and competitive business.

Our consideration of style, fashion and trends translates perfectly into comfortable garments for generous and soft bodies.

For women who wear Clara, we carefully study the best models, selecting quality materials which are then placed in the skilled hands of experts who work with exceptional passion and craftsmanship respecting Clara’s tradition.

Entrepreneurship, management skills, group identity and commitment are our fundamental values, constantly prevailing in Clara’s business.

No woman is perfect and all care about their silhouettes. We work to provide every woman with a suitable look for all occasions, focusing on their femininity, their bodies, their neckline, slimming down the waist, flattening the stomach and reshaping the buttocks.

We spend every day looking for functionality, quality and the perfect balance between comfort and attractiveness, to create a classic, sober, but always elegant and modern garment.

With well-established and widespread national merchandising, Clara is preparing to launch its “Made in Italy” quality corsetry abroad.

Made in Italy

All Clara garments are handcrafted in the Carinaro factory of the Clara family.

100% Made in Italy | 100% sustainable

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