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Basic and functional in its simplicity and its shape. Embracing with its softness. That’s what Fulvia is, a medium compression bodysuit available with or without underwire. Fulvia bodysuit is made of stretch knit fabric, partially lined with soft Lycra tulle, which guarantees:

1. comfort and wellness for a soft wrap that creates no sense of tightness;
2. perfect invisibility thanks to the clean cut, perfect to be worn under tight clothes;
3. breathability (perfect for summer too).

The secret of Fulvia’s excellent shaping is within the garment itself: it’s tight but that’s invisible from the outside, yet effective on the skin for an enhancement of the shapes and the curves we have always dreamed of. It’s lined on the inside with an elasticized tulle, and that’s where the compression comes from; the same goes for the leg width, it also has a compression elastic on the inside. This way, every part of the body receives the support it needs.

The cup is preformed, soft, comfortable and perfect for those who want to enhance their décolleté naturally, in its full beauty. We also find, on the inside, a 100% cotton soft foam semicircle, designed to:

1. Reduce sweating
2. Improve the fit of the garment
3. Support your décolleté even when using a garment with no underwire

The back features a central seam to enhance the female figure. The panties have, on their inside, a placket made in 100% cotton, with closely spaced hooks that make them easy to open. All metal parts are nickel free, made with hypoallergenic materials and clinically tested.

If you want a garment to wear on your everyday life that always makes you feel at your best, Fulvia is the right choice for you.

We suggest it if you want:

1. a smooth garment;
2. a bodysuit with preformed cups;
3. a bodysuit with and without underwire;
4. an underwear with essential seams (clean cut);
5. a summer bodysuit;

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