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Tracy is a zipped, panties-like shapewear, fully lined with 66-needles Lycra for a strong control of your shapes, with a slimming effect. The main feature of this shapewear is the use of an exclusive material, the Weftlook, which guarantees a remarkable elasticity to the garment and a high shaping effect. The material follows every movement of the body, without creating any sense of annoying compression, making you feel comfortable in your garment.

The front is in monoblock elastic satin, covered with an elegant embroidered flounce on rigid tulle, guaranteeing you the “magical” flat belly effect. 

The shapewear has a double zipper mechanism, thanks to the zipper with closely spaced hooks, which make it easier to wear.

The legs are perfectly shaped thanks to an elastic band, which accompanies the movement of this part of the body, without too much compression.

The panties contain a placket made of 100% cotton, with closely spaced hooks that facilitate their opening.

The back of the shapewear is characterized by three seams, fully covered in Lycra, that feel great on the hips, back and spine. 

The cups have three cuts: the first two lower parts of the cup are made of monoblock elastic satin and guarantee a perfect fit to the décolleté. The last one is covered by an elegant embroidered flounce on rigid tulle. The straps, 25 mm, are wraparound and provide the right support to the upper part of the body.

All metal parts are nickel free, made with hypoallergenic materials and clinically tested.

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Black, Ivory


70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110


B, C, D


Elastan 24%, Lycra 16%, Polyamide 60%

Shapeweare Type

Medium Compression




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