If you have an abundant décolleté, if you want to shape your figure and guarantee total freedom of movement to your silhouette, Viviana is the right choice for you. This bodysuit is designed to support all women with abundant breasts and curvy sizes. Thanks to the use of an excellent fabric, soft and tenacious at the same time, it guarantees a remarkable shaping action on the whole female figure. The front is totally reinforced with a special variation of Lycra, to guarantee a perfect abdominal hold and the desired flat belly effect. It’s embellished with macramé lace, which gives elegance and refinement.

The cup, divided into three parts, guarantees an excellent fit for all types of breasts, which are perfectly supported. The straps are adjustable, with a width of 18 mm. The back of this bodysuit has a single cut, doubled from the bottom to the top-waist, enhancing your hips and back thanks to a shaping action. The leg width is characterized by a V-shaped cross, used to slim down the figure and shape it without feeling uncomfortable on your skin.

The panties have, on their inside, a placket made in 100% cotton, with closely spaced hooks that make them easy to wear. 

All metal parts are nickel free, made with hypoallergenic materials and clinically tested.

We suggest it as: 

  • A bodysuit with a compression action;
  • A shaping and elastic bodysuit;
  • An ideal underwear for curvy sizes.

Additional information


Black, Ivory


70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100


B, C, D


Elastan 46%, Polyamide 56%


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