Fleur Panties



Sensuality finds expression in the enhancement of comfort and wellness.

Elegance is combined with the functionality of panties created to be worn everyday.

The softness of a seamless fabric that is used to gently embrace feminine curves.

Fleur is a Brazilian panty, low-rise, that all women must have in their closet to feel beautiful, sexy and supported at all times.

Thanks to the stretchy knit fabric, it perfectly adapts to the silhouette, soft in both length and width, guaranteeing an excellent fit.

If you choose Fleur, you choose the freedom to be able to move and feel light anytime of the day. If you choose Fleur, you choose to feel sensual and elegant in a brazilian panty that testifies its functionality. If you choose Fleur, you will have no more obstacles: you can wear it under any type of dress and enhance every look.

It can be coordinated with Femy bra.

Additional information


Black, Skin


70, 75, 80, 85, 90


Elastan 26%, Polyamide 74%


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