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The 6438 is a panties-like zipped shapewear, with minimizer cups. The model is made of elastic fabric in Lycra. The front part is in monoblock satin, covered with lace. Fully lined on abdomen, hips and back, it guarantees you the desired flat-belly effect.

The embroidered lined jersey cup is divided in four parts: the first two parts, below the cup, are in monoblock satin and guarantee a perfect fit for the breast (it also fits the most curvy ones). The third part is designed, instead, in lace with a soft tulle. The last one is characterized by an elastic support: this choice is linked to our will to avoid that annoying sense of “suffocation” and to avoid to “visually cut” the breast (the same effect we notice when we wear a bra of a smaller size). 

The use of the zipper (38 cm), with an under-zip with closely spaced hooks, favors the closure of the garment: when the hooks are closed and the zipper goes up, you don’t have to be scared to “pull” your skin instead of the zipper! The panties have a 100% cotton placket that ensures maximum hygiene and practicality at all times.

The back of the 6438 is characterized by two seams that follow the anatomy of the body and gently accompany every single movement. The tank top straps, 25 mm wide, better wrap the upper part of the silhouette and avoid the appearance of little skin rolls or strange cuts to your body’s shapes. All metal parts are nickel free, made with hypoallergenic materials and clinically tested.

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Black, Naked


70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110


B, C


Elastan 26%, Polyamide 74%


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